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True Temper AMT Red Taper Tip, for irons

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The AMT red maximizes speed and launch most by utilizing a responsive tip design and maintaining a constant superlight weighting in 4-7 irons. Focusing more on precision and control from 8-iron through wedge, AMT Red is designed with Ascending Mass Technology—making each shaft progressively heavier by 3-gram increments as golfers move to shorter irons.

The AMT black delivers a mid-high trajectory and spin. AMT Black gets progressively heavier as golfers move from their long irons to short irons. This allows for increased speed and launch from the lightweight long irons and superior control and precision from the midweight scoring clubs. AMT Black ascends in 3-gram increments throughout the set from 4-iron through wedge and is perfect for the player that loves the idea of AMT.
 Model Flex mph Tip
 AMT Red 
 AMRTIR R300 65-75 T 9,0 .600 39,5-36,5 94-106
 Model Launch Flexpoint Tipstiffness Cut instr.
 AMT Red high mid/low medium Table E1