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True Temper XP 105 Taper Tip, for Iron

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We all aspire to play inside the ropes but few ever do. The new XP Series brings your game inside the ropes by delivering explosive power and distance to every iron in the bag.
Robot and player testing has shown an average of 6-8 yards improvement in carry distance with many players seeing double-digit yardage gains. Featuring optimized trajectory in a superlight weight design, the XP shafts are engineered to be the longest and most forgiving steel iron shafts in the game today.
 Model Flex mph Tip
 XP 105
 XP105IS S300 80-90 T9,0 .600 40,5-36,5 101
 XP105IR R300 70-80 T9,0 .600 40,5-36,5 100


 Model Launch Flexpoint Tipstiffness Cut Instruction
 XP 105 mid-high mid medium Table E1