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Mitsubishi Rayon Tensei CK Blue, for Hybrids

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The new TENSEI™ CK Series features a multi-material design that optimizes classic, tour-proven MRC GOLF bend profiles in much the same manner as racecar designs use exotic materials to enhance performance and efficiency. This innovative brand debuts in January 2016, with the TENSEI™ CK Blue Series that includes more materials than any other shaft we’ve ever made to date, making it the most playable of our smooth profiles.

 Model Flex mph Tip
 CK Blue 80 Hyb.
 XTBL8HYS S 75-85 9,4 .604 42 80 3,3
 XTBL8HYR R 65-75 9,4 .600 42 77 3,3
 XTBL8HYA A 55-65 9,4 .596 42 75 3,4
 Model Launch Flexpoint Tipstiffness Cut instr.
 CK Blue Hyb. mid mid medium Table U1